Victoria Goddess Run

Today was a great day, as I got to join my friend Candace for her first ever 5k.  She always said she could never run unless something was chasing her, but when I suggested she train for a 5k this spring she agreed!  I wrote a training plan for her, she followed it pretty faithfully, and this morning we stood on her very first start line.

We ran together until, finish line pretty much in sight, she went for it on a downhill and sprinted the last few hundred meters in to a strong finish.  Her sprint is way faster than I could ever do!  It was so exciting to watch her, and she was stoked at the end - I have a feeling she is not one and done!

A few months ago, this is what Candace
would have said she needed before she'd run.
Afterwards I did one of my fave things: went for a swim outdoors.  This is the first time since the outdoor pool opened in May I've been able to get to the city and get in a swim.  With the pup there will be probably have to be fewer trips to the outdoor pool this summer, especially since the local aquatic centre is not even 10 minutes from my house.  But you bet I'll take the chance to swim in the sun when I can!


  1. Way to go CB! Let me know when I need to book a trip to cheer your first marathon!!!!

  2. lol-yes you have caught my dad swimming in lane 1- I believe those are his red paddles and pull buoy.