Sprint Race Gear

Tomorrow I'm doing a sprint race with a pool swim, so fewer pieces of gear needed than usual.  Here's pretty much everything I'm taking:

For the swim, I just need my tri kit, swim cap and goggles (I always bring an extra pair, just in case).  

The bike I need a helmet (I'm bringing my aero helmet and regular because as of this moment I can't decide which I want to use), bike shoes, sunglasses, garmin and bike.  One bottle with Vega Pre-Workout Energizer (yeah, I know it's called "pre-workout" but I also use it during) and two scoops of CarboPro.

Then onto the run, I need socks, shoes, visor, number belt, my garmin, and one Gu.  I'm wearing K-Swiss Kwicky Blade Light shoes; I love them and am sad they don't make them anymore, but more importantly for tomorrow I have a broken (baby) toe which is really swollen, and those shoes have a pretty wide toe box.

Everything fits easily in my awesome Blue Seventy transition pack.  Including clothes for after the race, and a bottle of Vega Pre-Workout Energizer for the drive in.

The bike is paired right down, one bottle cage on the bars only (You don't need more than one bottle in a sprint, and no bento box or anything like that... the race is too short and you'll barely deplete your glycogen stores.  Honestly you really don't need much for nutrition during a race unless you're doing a half or longer). No pump, and I'm tempting fate but even took my spare tube and CO2's off... so if I flat, I'm out.  I'm willing to risk it, especially as I'm just doing this race for fun and a hard workout.

Yes, I know I need to change the bar tape on my bike to match my saddle.  I'm saving that job for closer to Vineman Aquabike because I want to keep the new tape clean.  Smart move as today I dropped my chain twice on my ride, resulting in greasy hands and therefore greasy bar tape.

Triathlons with pool swims are always interesting, as it turns the swim into a bit of strategy.  I've also never raced with a broken toe before, so we'll see how that goes.  I haven't tried running on it since I broke it yesterday!

I'm in the last heat so I don't start until 10:45.  Yay, I get to sleep in!  Wait... there's no sleeping in with puppy....

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