Most Memorable Moments of 2014

Here are my most memorable moments of 2014, as captured in pictures.  When I pulled all the photos, I realized how fortunate I am: so many moments, friends, and adventures.  Jason and I truly are rich!

Making the Betty Designs team!

Traveling to Alberta to celebrate a good friend's
birthday and new life!

Running in the snow in the Alberta Rocky Mountains.

Swim lesson in Kona from the amazing Karlyn Pipes.

Riding the Kona Ironman course.

More riding in Kona.

Picking up little baby Tiki.

Racing and more racing.
Road trips!

Fun 100-miler in the Idaho flatlands.

Epic tubing adventure down the Boise river.

Vineman Aquabike - so fun pushing really hard on the bike!

Wine touring with my friend Candace
(her first time wine tasting!)

Adventure on the Oregon dunes.

Napping with the pup.

Buying an RV and redoing it to become
the ultimate bike/race-mobile.

Spending a couple of days in Vancouver in Sept.
with our International Student Program - so much fun!

Jason pretty much dominating all his events!

Surprise trip to Kona for Ironman weekend!

Jason spectating in Kona for the first time -
of course he's raced it 7 times!

Getting back on my mtn bike.
Watching the pup grow.

Hard, windy 100-miler in the desert.

"Recovery evening" in Vegas after the 100-miler.

New cyclocross bike!

Good times with my BFFs.

2015 - you have a lot to live up to!  Cheers, all, to the new year and may it be the best ever!

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  1. looks like a pretty full year to me and a full year is a good year:)