Stuff I Love: my Tracer360 vest

Winter on the island means running in the dark.  A lot.  Before work or after, whenever I choose to run, it's dark.  I live in a semi-rural area, which means some streets have streetlights, and others don't.  So I've long looked for decent reflective clothing to be safe, and this year have found the absolutely perfect solution: the Noxgear Tracer360.

I've had those wimpy flashing lights on an armband before, but they're pretty pathetic.  I have reflective vests, reflective jackets, reflective tights, etc etc... but you never really know what weather you'll be running in here - tonight it was 3 degrees C (37 degrees F) - as in friggin' cold - but last week it was a balmy 16 C (61 F) - not exactly tights and jacket weather.  Plus, reflective clothing depends on lights shining on you, and I've scared the crap out of people walking down the road as they didn't see me coming in the dark.

Enter the Tracer360.  It's a "vest" made of fiber optics with LED lights.  It is crazy bright, and you can set it to flashing though a multitude of colours, or set it on to the solid colour of your choice.  It's super light and I don't even feel it on.  You can wear it over a tank top or a jacket - all weather versatile.  I've worn it in the pouring rain (hello PNW winter) and it works just fine.

I feel super safe running in the dark wearing it, and have had heaps of positive comments from people who have seen me and Jason wearing them.  It really is the greatest thing for running at night that I've ever found.

Jason modelling the Tracer360 -
doesn't look like much when it's off.
Jason running with it set on solid green.

Set on flashing.

Because it's so awesome, I emailed the people at Noxgear and told them how much I loved it... and they offered me a discount code for anyone reading this!  To get your very own for 15% off, go to and use the code: YROFALISON - how cool is that! (good until Feb. 28)  Happy running!

PS - they're coming out with a dog version, can't wait to get that for Tiki!

Full disclosure: they didn't pay me or provide me with product or anything for this review.  I somehow stumbled onto it online, bought the vest and loved it.  I contacted them about a discount code for anyone in the future... I paid full price!

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