Racing at "Home"

Last weekend was the Victoria 70.3 and sprint race.  In many ways it was like racing at home (ok, kind of literal as I live 45 minutes from the race site), but "home" as in how much the course and event feels like that home you grew up in but haven't lived there in years, and has grown a lot since you left.

In what almost seems another lifetime ago, my good friend Norm, myself, and a bunch of our friends put on the NewBalance Half Iron - a grass-roots race we poured blood, sweat & tears (all those things!) into for 12 years.  Then Norm handed it over to Lifesport, and a few years later it became a WTC event.

I have a lot of nostalgia for those old days (although I can't go back - there's no way I could do that much work again!), but I have to admit WTC did a tremendous job with the event.  I'm looking forward to having that event in our backyard for years to come - without personally having to carry hundreds of bike racks in & out of trailers...

As for the race itself: one of the highlights was having so many Betty teammates there!  Amy & Melanie from Calgary, Roxie from Bellingham, and Kathy from Phoenix.  It was a fluorescent Betty party, and believe me, we did not go unnoticed!  Perfect weather, camping at the park in the RV, the debut of my new bike, yet another age group win for Jason... fantastic weekend!

Team Betty! (unfortunately we were missing Roxie)

You know there's a lot of hills when my
power file looks like that!

I had a lead in my AG off the bike in the sprint race! First place
woman blew by but somehow I held off third.
I saw her at the turnaround and figured she'd catch me -
have to celebrate small victories!

Jason on his way to an age group win in the 70.3.

Second place W45-49 podium in the sprint race.


  1. Congratulations on an awesome race! You kill the bike every single race!
    And big congrats to Jason! Is he going to 70.3 worlds?

    1. Thanks Abby! No, Jason's not going to 70.3 worlds, I think that's the second time he's turned an Austria spot down. We're down IM Louisville in October so that's the focus this year. Should be fun!