Spring Training: The Bike

We only had a few days in California so didn't end up riding some of my favourite routes.  However, we did roll down the coast a few times - early one morning and it was pretty foggy.  We also rode through the Camp Pendleton Marine Base, a nice ride as it comes out on a bike path passing through San Onofre State Beach.  Unusual for there, that day we didn't see many surfers.  I can't remember if it was a weekday or what, but often we're weaving between people carrying boards through the parking lot.  #classicSoCal  

Rolling out along the coast in the
morning meant riding through the fog!

The sun is trying to make an appearance.
Jason ride selfie

San Onofre State Beach

I was pretty surprised at how awesome the riding was when we got to Nevada.  Big shoulders, nice pavements, lots of variety - flat, rolling, long climbs - we'd definitely come back there before going back to Palm Springs or Tucson for training, for sure.  Jason met up with some Team Every Man Jack buds for a couple of rides as well, which makes it extra fun for him.  I opted out of one of their routes: 90 miles including a 20 mile climb to the top of Mt. Charleston.  I was out for the following reasons: Tom said it would take them 6+ hours, 20 mile climb, snow at the top.  I'm not doing an Ironman this year so I just wanted to do fun rides, and figured that one would involve some tears for sure!

Desert riding in Nevada

Jason and Tom at the Mt. Charleston summit (8800 ft),
taken by some snowboarders surprised to see them!

I rode to where the road ends (literally)
in the mountains west of Vegas... 
... and turned around for a view of the city.

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