Spring Training: The Run

I don't spend nearly as much time seeking out cool places to run as I do to ride.  We usually just run from wherever we are staying, but if I hear of a nice route I'll try to check it out.  I also don't run as often as I swim and ride, so don't necessarily have that much to report.  But while we were in Vegas I did hear about the tunnel run - an old rail route near Lake Mead that goes through six tunnels.  It was only 6 kms long so I was in.  The day we ran there, it was crazy windy so the sand blowing sideways felt like we got exfoliated, and the tunnels were a nice reprieve.  The run ends at the Hoover Dam, and you can turn around and run the 6 km back, or run one way and get Jason to pick you up.  He's a lot faster than I am (understatement of the year) so I wasn't waiting too long for my pick-up as he did the return trip.

Watching surfers when I should
have been running in Oceanside.

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