Women For Tri

Earlier this year, I applied for the Women For Tri advisory board (a board under the World Triathlon Corporation umbrella - the company who operates the Ironman brand globally), as they opened up a couple of spots to replace outgoing board members.  I didn't get chosen, but they reached out to me and asked me if I would consider being an ambassador for them, and specifically be the ambassador for the World Championships in Kona!  How could I say no to that?

To see the list of W4T Ambassadors, click here.

The main goal of the Women for Tri program is to develop new female triathletes.  Running races are seeing a majority of women as participants, but we are not yet close to 50% participation in triathlon. Yet!  As part of my role as an ambassador, I will be encouraging and supporting women to try out this crazy sport we love, create networks to support female triathletes, and to engage experience female triathletes to encourage and mentor women beginners.  Lofty goals, but important for our sport to move forward.

In my role as the Ambassador for Kona, I will be involved in planning race week events on the big island - look for more information as we get closer to the big show!

For more information on the Women For Tri program, click here.  To join the W4T Facebook community, click here.

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