April Fools?

Ha ha, that was a good one. Very funny. But, Mother Nature, April Fool's Day is over, so enough with the joke. Can we please go back to spring weather now?

I'll admit I didn't dress perfectly for the weather. I checked the forecast, and looked carefully at the sky in the direction we were planning to ride. I did wear my winter cycling jacket. Yes, I went with lightweight tights, and didn't wear wool socks. But I did wear booties, and both Jason and I carried extra gloves. So I think we made the appropriate nod to the temperature.

I figured we'd get a little wet. What I didn't count on, however, was being hit with snow. Then a torrential downpour. Then gale-force winds. All of this within the first 40 minutes of a planned 3 hours... just to ensure we were soaked and frozen early on. I mean, come ON. There was blue sky when we left home. Oh, the irony, considering my previous post.

We turned around early because my feet and arms were frozen. I waived the white flag; we surrendered. I even let Jason go home ahead of me so he could pick up his pace and warm up a bit. Mother Nature 1, Alison 0.

Why was it, though, by the time I got home, the roads were dry and the skies were clearing up? Knowingly this time, I didn't take the bait. Rather than turn around and head back out, I finished the last 20 minutes on the trainer downstairs. Sure enough, along came the rain again. Mother Nature 1, Alison 1.

We're even now, so let's be friends again. I know you're mad that we're adding to much CO2, methane, and other greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, and making it even worse through deforestation, industrialization, and urbanization. I know climate change means more unpredictability and more severe weather. I know all that. But I also know I'm tired of winter, and March 20 was a couple of weeks ago, so I've been more than patient. Yes, we did have a really warm winter, but let's face it, it was still winter. My cherry trees have exploded with blossoms, and the frogs in the pond down the way are so loud it's practically defeaning. Jason's out mowing the lawn. Nature is crying out for spring, so let's see some action. Please. Great April Fool's joke, but let's move on.

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  1. she gave us a good shaking today to prove who's boss!