My dog is a weirdo

Now, this is not going to come as a surprise to those of you who know Humu, but my dog is a weirdo. She has been afraid of barbeques for her entire life. I have no idea where she may have picked up this fear, as Jason and I don't even own a barbeque. It's not like she had a near-death experience with one as a puppy. Perhaps in an earlier life?

You can play a fun game with her. Put a barbeque in her path, and she'll make a huge loop to detour around it. She takes the long way off the deck at Norm & Wendy's to avoid the scary grill monster, and at Tim's she sprints out the door as that same monster is right next to the back entrance.

Whenever someone is barbequeing in the neighbourhood, she runs laps around the back yard sniffing and barking like crazy. Someone not in the know may believe she's trying to communicate with invisible aliens, but the truth is she's letting everyone know the grill monster is active.

Funny thing though, she'll eat anything cooked off a barbeque. With serious gusto.

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