Workout wear has its own fashion category. I'm not talking about the ever-popular (but low quality) Lululemon yoga wear, I'm talking about how each sport seems to have its own fashion rules. Additionally, a new cute workout outfit can be a great motivator to get your butt out the door! And just how much time before a race do we spend thinking about just the right race kit for the event?

I have lots of snazzy cycling and running clothes. Mostly cycling. Team kits, fun kits, baggies for the mountain bike, skorts for commuting, you name it. One of my favourites is the now-retro first generation Team Frontrunners kit, back when they were still making female-specific kits. Pink, black, and white, and very flash. I don't wear it often but when I do, it takes me to a happy place. Another fave is a cycling skort, black with flowers, with matching cap-sleeve jersey. Va va voom! I have lots of run-of-the-mill pieces for cycling, running, workouts, hiking, etc, but every now and then I like to throw on something with a little more personality.

I have a friend, I'll call her Dodie (because that's her name), who is a true fashionista. Now I think I'm pretty pulled-together on a daily basis, but Dodie is New York City. Five star. Really knows her haute couture. However, when she started mountain biking she would show up in the most unusual (and fashion faux-pas to the cycling crowd) outfits, and it was the one time Catherine and I felt more "stylish" than Dode. I'll never forget the three of us, on the eve of an adventure race we were competing in, planning our look for race day. We were concerned that it would be chilly in the morning, and Dode exclaimed that wouldn't be a problem as she had armwarmers. Catherine and I threw each other an impressed glance, as we certainly didn't have cycling armwarmers when we were neophytes to the sport. But when Dode pulled them out, we collapsed with laughter as they were pink, yellow and white striped woolen things that didn't fit with the image of a cycling kit armwarmer. Of course, Dodie has not only become a skilled mountain biker, but has also eclipsed Catherine and I in mountain bike fashion.

Yesterday I was guilty of committing a cycling fashion crime. I was riding the trainer, which meant a solo effort in the basement, and since I wasn't leaving the house I created quite the clashing ensemble. Charcoal tank top, orange and red striped sports bra, but the clincher was bibshorts which you just can't do with a tank overtop. It was an interesting look to say the least.

Scene of the crime: riding in the basement.
At least I didn't leave the house in this getup.

I am doing Ironman Arizona in the fall, and that means spending a lot of time swimming, biking and running in preparation. It also means time spent testing a variety of nutritional strategies to get me through the single-day event of a 4k swim, 180k bike, and 42k run. And of course it means searching for the perfect outfit, one that will be comfortable but also look great over a long day. An excuse to spend internet shopping time as "race prep". Hooray!

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