Heat Wave

A summer heat wave is upon us. At exactly the right time I might add! After a disappointingly cool start to the summer, I was starting to get concerned when I would do my daily surfing over to weather.com's "Windsor California" forecast: a solid run of 30 degree Celsius temperatures. With no training under my belt in anything over about 23 degrees... what was going to happen race day?

Cloudy skies began to give way this past weekend, and the mercury has been climbing ever since. I was a drippy, sweaty mess after yesterday's run. Our deck is now at the point (it gets direct afternoon/evening sun) where it's so hot out there it's not usable (I'm not complaining...), my dog has been panting for days (although she loves to lie on the floor with a wet cloth on her belly), and the true indicator of a heat wave came this morning. I headed out for a ride at nine in the morning. I couldn't go earlier as the Tour was on, and I couldn't go later as Tim was coming over. We live at the top of a hill, so every ride starts out fast and cool. I like starting out cool, because then I know that once I'm warmed up and start working, I'll be at the right temperature. But at 9am, going down that first hill from home, it was already hot!

I rode a quick 90 minute loop, through some windy, shady roads. One of my favourite roads is called Richard's Trail, and it loops up and down, winding through tall Douglas firs. My little forested route, usually a cool gem in the summer, felt a trifle stifling. I popped out into some open farmland, where I worked on my cycling shorts tan. I time-trialed home down the highway, figuring it was up to me to get some air moving. A zig-zag through town, then uphill to home. Another drippy, sweaty mess. Loves it!

We don't have air conditioning in the house (fine with me, although I'm sure Humu wishes we did). Last summer we turned the heat off to the hot tub and turned it into a "cold tub". It was awesome - jumping into the cold tub just before bed to get nice and cool for sleeping, or right after a workout to bring your body temperature down - perfection! I think it's time to go out on the deck and turn off the heat again. My next run will end with some cold tub therapy.

The dog days of summer.

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