Summer Brain

Now that I'm on summer holidays, my brain has turned itself off. This was some automatic, internal switch, as I would prefer it remain on, or at least on a stand-by mode.

Case in point: Jason's away for the weekend with some friends, and he had to catch an early ferry to the mainland this morning. I wanted to sleep in, so I told him to drive himself to the ferry and I'd ride up to get his car. It was a perfect plan as I needed to get a 3-hour ride in anyway.

He departed as I was still sleeping. I awoke, got my cycling stuff together, and headed out. It's Canada Day, which usually means I like to stay off the roads as everyone else has their brains turned off, or turned on to jackass mode. However, the day dawned cool and damp, so the roads were quiet as I pedaled along.

I was almost halfway to the ferry terminal when I realized I didn't have the car keys. Ah, the joys of summer brain. At least my summer brain isn't malicious; it didn't allow me to arrive at the vehicle, dripping wet from the rain and cold in my cycling clothes, and then realize I forgot the keys.

I rode home, experiencing some shifting problems along the way, of course, because Jason's not here to fix it. I stopped on the side of the road to see if I could solve the problem, but my patience is thin when I'm standing on the side of the highway with cars zooming past and rain coming down, and I couldn't find the problem. I'll put it on the stand tonight, and if I'm still mentally incompetent (i.e. summer brain), I'll take it to the shop tomorrow.

Thanks, Pete, for driving me up to Jason's car.

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