Mid Season Break

Since Vineman I've been on a mid season break. Last week was no training at all, and this week is no schedule, just do a bit of training when I want. I've been doing a bit of swimming, cycling, and running, and have also been hiking, stand-up paddleboarding, wandering around the house aimlessly (mostly in the morning, now that the Tour de France is over), watching TV, reading, surfing the net, sleeping in, shopping... and thinking about how much I want to get back to training!

That's not really like me. Usually I'm thinking of how I can weasel out of my workouts. I have been known to get creative with why I can't do things sometimes. Good thing my coach can see right through my crap and won't take any excuses. But I'm actually itching to get back to my training schedule, as it has become routine to rule my life according to my workouts. I'm starting to enjoy that.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about the down time. There's no need to point out that in October I will be begging for some respite. I've trained for Ironman before; even though that was ten years ago I know how it goes. I've never trained for a November Ironman before though, and it should be interesting to see what that's like, when the evenings are dark and the days are rainy. But I feel optimistic that we'll luck out with great weather this fall.

Just a few more days, and then it will be back to the proverbial grind. That's good, because if my break lasted much longer, Jason would probably expect me to do some bigger tasks like paint the fence. I've got way too much training to do for that!

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