Humu's Best Friend

My dog's best friend is a monkey named Julius. Not an actual live monkey; Julius is a stuffie. But to Humu, he is her best friend. She carries him everywhere. When Jason and I get home, she runs all over the house looking for him, and then parades around with him in her mouth for several minutes. She sleeps using Julius as a pillow. He is covered in perma-dog gob. He has a couple of nasty scars where she tore him, and he was rushed for emergency surgery to repair the wounds. She flings him up, around, snatches him out of your hand, tries to get you to grab him, licks him, places him on the couch... she even humps him sometimes. Yes, my female dog does that.

Julius and Humu hanging out.

She loves Julius so much that we even have a back-up Julius hidden away for the inevitable day we will not be able to repair a catastrophic wound.

Caught in mid-romp.

Nap time.


  1. and she gallantly defends Julius from the possibility of other dogs getting a little too close.

  2. Yeah, she doesn't share Julius. Sorry Tana!