Pimp My Ride

In August I introduced you to my new bike. Of course, it's borrowed from Jason since he's not using it right now, but I'm calling it mine. I have a very important pre-race ritual, and that is cleaning every minute part of my bike and getting it all shiny and race-ready. I do it before every big event, and I find it almost meditative. So yesterday I spent some time cleaning the Transition.

Jason, unbeknownst to me, ordered some pink bar tape and flower stickers to personalize the bike and make it feel more like mine. It's now all "decorated", and at this point I don't see how he's ever going to get the bike back. He was, however, quick to point out that the stickers will come off easily and he's got spare red bar tape for when he takes the bike over again. Hmm, we'll see. I've spent so much time on this bike since August that it really does feel like mine.

The Transition is all cleaned up, tricked out, and race ready.

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