Last night we stayed up late to watch the eclipse. It was a particularly special one, not only because it was a complete lunar eclipse, but also because that has not occurred on the winter solstice for 372 years. Even though the complete eclipse was scheduled for just after 11:30pm, that's still kind of on the late side for us. So, we PVR'd the movie Elf earlier in the day and sat down at about 9 to watch it so we could stay up.

It was a fairly cloudy night, so we had to content ourselves with watching the beginning of the eclipse online. The clouds parted at just past 11, so we scurried outside and stood on the street with a perfect view of the moon disappearing. We thought it would be funny to sing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" while we were standing there. I wonder what the neighbours thought about that.

The moon is supposed to be right in the center of this picture.

The moment is disappeared behind the shadow of our planet.

We were able to watch some of its reemergence before the clouds took over again and we headed back inside.

Obviously up past Jason's bedtime.

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  1. Jason looks ready for a career on the runway! We couldn't see it at all here, pouring rain and cloudy:(