I Miss My Van :(

I used to have this very cool van, and lately I've been really missing it. It was a 2000 VW camper van, by Winnebago so the camping stuff was super-deluxe and totally awesome. Jason, Humu and I really loved the van, but we had to sell it. For reasons of, well... it turns out because I just can't have everything I want, all the time. Boo. On the plus side, I mostly get what I want, most of the time. Which is pretty good if you ask me; we do live a fair life of luxury compared to most of the world.

My (former) super-awesome van... gone to a really
good home with a loving family at least.

Anyway, back to my sob story of missing the van. I've been making a list of all the things I'd like to do in 2011. Seattle to Portland ride. Whistler Gran Fondo. Alcatraz swim. Bend Dirt Camp. Hike Mt. St. Helens. Visit a friend in the BC interior. Visit a friend in Santa Cruz. Surfing at Long Beach. Lake Stevens 70.3. Spectate IMC. Concert at the Gorge Ampitheater. The list goes on and on... it's my "long list" and of course not everything will make the cut. The problem is, for pretty much all of these items on my list, the van would be the perfect place to stay and facilitate me being able to do most of them. Yeah, I can drive and stay in hotels, but of course then my list gets shorter (see the above about not being able have everything I want, all of the time).

So I miss my van. I could really use it for 2011. I suppose I could say that for any year. I do like my non-existent vehicle repair bills, my inexpensive gas bills, the ease of not driving a behemoth around town, and the fact that my current vehicle is "partial zero emissions". But my car doesn't quite have the same cachet and utility the van had. It was always my fantasy to have enough resources to park the van so I wouldn't have to drive it every day, and have a run-about to get around with on a daily basis. But again, back to the realization that I can't have everything, all the time.

I listen to people talk about winning the lottery, and the millions they'd love to win to change their lives. I've always thought I don't need millions, perhaps just a couple hundred grand to pay off the mortgage, car loan, student loan - that would equate to some serious freedom. Today am I thinking that a lottery prize of about 30 grand would be enough. Just enough to get my van back. Does anyone out there have a spare $30,000 you're not using, and want to invest in some serious happiness? Limitless happiness really, and what better investment is there? :)

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