Merry Christmas!

Our small family (Jason, Humu and I) have a christmas tradition - that is to get outside at some point on December 25. After lounging around the house all morning, we finally got our butts in gear and went for a hike. We chose to go down by the Cowichan River rather than the usual woods behind our house.

Jason and Humu

What is normally a lovely trail in the summer had become almost completely waterlogged. We've had a tonne of rain over the past couple of weeks, and last month we had some snow in the mountains which is all melting now that it's warmed up again. The river was really high and running fast, and had engulfed the trail in a few spots. We should have chosen our rubber boots instead of trail runners, as I came home with very soggy feet.

The creek behind me is normally a meandering little trickle...

Another shot of Holt Creek in its winter state

The Cowichan River in the summer has some great swimming beaches, and it's fun to go tubing downstream. This time of year, not so much:

There's only an 11% chance of a white christmas here on the island. So we enjoy our green christmas as it gives us lots of chances to enjoy outdoor activities, like cycling, trail running, and hiking, all year around. If we really want snow, we can make the 2-hour drive up-island to the alpine for a ski.

I'm dreaming of a green christmas...

Humu says Merry Christmas to all the dogs out there - Marty,
Tana, Shadow, Piper, Gracie, Fia, Fergus,
Angus, Storm, Maia, Abby, Swifty, and all her other dog friends! Woof!

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