L'il Hooter

We have a resident barred owl in our neighbourhood, and even though I know it's around, it's always a treat to see it. I'm not sure if it's a he or she, as both genders of owls generally look the same. Females tend to be a bit bigger, but that's not exactly helpful unless you see the two side by side.

Anyway, we've named it L'il Hooter (even though it's actually pretty big). It mostly likes to hang out on the fence posts of the community farm down the road. Sometimes I stop and call to it - the human version of the barred owl call goes "who cooks food, cooks food for youuuuu". It generally just looks at me with no response. I guess I haven't crossed that inter-species bridge yet; Dr. Doolittle where are you when I need you?

We went by the other night and it was in mid-hunt, wings back and intensely staring at something in the brush. We didn't stop as we didn't want to disturb it and ruin it's hunt mojo, but it would have been really cool to see. It always makes my day when L'il Hooter is out.

Look on top of the fence post.

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