Here are some questions that arose from my ride yesterday:

Doesn't this look like a perfect day to enjoy being on the bike?

Don't you just love spring?

Again, who doesn't love spring?

Doesn't this look like a cool place to ride?

And this?

Isn't this a great solution to graffiti?

How many massage therapists does it take to fix a seatpost?

How many lambs can you count?

Can we make it back without getting rained on?

Doesn't this seem like a scene from a novel?

Is there a better way to spend the afternoon than riding
with some cool peeps (even if you do get wet by the end)?


  1. Nice pictures! Great recap of the awesome ride :)

  2. awesome photo day! thanks for da ride AK. cant wait for more fun outside this summa!

  3. i think it takes more then 2 RMT's to fix an old seat post? did i get it right?