For the last couple of months, I have been pretending to be a runner. At the clinic last night, I hit the fastest pace per kilometre that I have ran in well over a decade. It was just for a couple of hundred meters though, and slightly downhill. I'll take it anyway.

Today I signed up for a local sprint tri next month. I'm already dreading the alarm clock waking me up at dark-thirty. I am not a morning person! I need to do Boise 70.3 someday with it's afternoon start. How civilized.

I just learned that I can buy vegan whipped cream - made from cashews and almonds. Next time I make these little numbers, they will be completely vegan. Besides the fact that they're frogs; just simulated frogs of course so they will still count as vegan.

Those who know Tim will know why I made frog
cupcakes when he was over for dinner.

Spring is just not coming quickly enough. There is still quite a cold bite in the air. I am not enjoying it. Yesterday was the first day I ran in short sleeves for the year, and it's practically mid April. Gawd.

I'd really like to be on the tv show Wipeout, it looks like so much fun! However, everyone who knows me have assured me that I would be the biggest disaster and would get unbelievably injured. Moi??? The girl who ended up with a hospital stay and emergency surgery after goofing around on the sidewalk?? I guess I'll just stick with my original plan to be on Jeopardy.

I love my job, but I do wish I worked a 4-day week and had 3-day weekends. Whomever (or is it whoever - I never know) came up with this 5 and 2 thing, thanks a lot. I'd be happy to make 20% less to work for 4 days a week. Not a problem.

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