One-oh-one (part two)

You can find the first part here: Part One

22. Highway 101, snaking along the US west coast.
23. Driving home and seeing Lil Hooter - the resident owl - chilling on a fence post.
24. Watching the Tour de France every morning for most of July.
25. Having so many more hours in a day once the Tour wraps up for the year.
26. Pulling out the box of xmas decorations and starting to decorate the tree.
27. Holding my own at run group and not getting dropped.
28. Popcorn for dinner.
29. Movie popcorn... so much yummier than the air-popped home popcorn.
30. How much crisper the world looks when I wear my glasses.
31. Dinner with friends I haven't seen in a while.
32. The smell in the woods in Whistler.
33. Full moons.
34. Singing along to the car stereo.
35. Cherry blossoms in the spring.
36. Tubing down the river on a really hot summer day.
37. The feeling of my stand-up paddleboard cruising over glassy water.
38. Fresh corn on the cob.
39. The peaceful sound of ukelele music.
40. Thunderstorms. We hardly ever get them here on the island, so it's a super treat.
41. The good feeling I get thinking of things I like.

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