Where's My Voodoo Doll?

Kiki said if she felt any back pain while I was doing yesterday's workout, it was because I was stabbing a voodoo doll of her. Where can I get this said doll - I need it! Ha ha. She knows the kind of workouts I like (generally long, cruisy ones that keep me in my comfort zone), and knows the kind I don't. This was a don't. But... it was fun - on a no-fun-fun level that is.

I convinced Jason to do it with me, which was great not only for the company, but because I was feeling pretty dorky bringing my bike and trainer to the track. Of course things are much less dorky when you have company. We're super-lucky to have an amazing sports facility here in our little town, and even luckier that it wasn't busy. Well, there was a lacrosse practice in the box, a field hockey game on the pitch, a softball game on one of the diamonds, a bootcamp at one end... but the track itself was pretty empty and there was no soccer on the infield, so it didn't seem busy where we were. We were also lucky that it was cloudy, as there's no shade on the track and sometimes summer afternoons there can be downright scorching.

The workout consisted of bike and run intervals, and I gave everything I had. After the last run interval, my legs were shaking so much I could barely clip into my pedals for the cool-down spin. Jason said he knew I was working hard at how I could barely say anything to him in between gasping for breath when he would blow by me on the run. And Kiki - you would be pleased to see I beat him in transitions every time. It was surprising how quickly a workout of almost two hours went by. By the end it looked like we must have thrown a swim in there somewhere as well, we were that soaked in sweat. Good times.

Smiling because it's only the warm-up.

Trying to run "fast".

Jason blowing by me like I was standing still.

You know it's a hard workout when you can
literally wring your clothes out after.


  1. Wow sounds like a great workout!

  2. oof -- I've been out of the blogging game for a bit. Lots to catch up on! Looks like you're having a good summer! I love the sundress + compression socks look -- I rocked that in Napa one morning last week :)

  3. god Jason makes running look so easy, I need a Jason voodoo doll! Good job on gittin er done. My back has been a little tight this week so maybe it needs a few needles stuck into it:) Kiki