Regret is a funny thing.  "Live like you mean it" means having no regrets.  Therefore, I have been using regret lately to help me make decisions.

For example: I'm tired and don't feel like doing my workout.  I ask myself - will I regret doing my workout?  Never!  Will I regret not doing it?  Absolutely!  So there I have it, clear cut answer and motivation to do my workout.

Another example:  I love french fries, and out doing errands I happen to drive by a fast food restaurant.  I ask myself - will I regret buying those fries?  Um, yeah.  Will I regret not buying them? Never!  Another decision made, no fries for me.

Don't let regret run your life.  Let not having any regrets run it!


  1. So true....sometimes the line is a little blurry when I'm asking myself do I really want those M&M's. Will I regret it. Maybe...maybe not. Some chioces are not so clear cut. BUT you are right. My kids keep telling me "YOLO" You Only Live Once. That is generally how I convince myself to eat the M&Ms.

  2. I'm not sure you can do too much damage with M&Ms... or so I'd like to think! But you're right, lots of things aren't so clear cut! But it helps me when my motivation to get off my butt is waning!