A Year of SWIMBIKERUN in Pictures

I know that Jason and I are extremely fortunate, and are always presented with wonderful opportunities.  We spend a lot of time exploring... and much of that is exploring by swimming, cycling, or running around new and old places.  2012 was no exception, so here are some photos of some fab places I got to visit this year.

If you know me, you know I love to swim outdoors!  I swim at the UVic outdoor pool as often as possible in the summer here, but if I'm traveling to a sunny destination, the first thing on my list is to search out a great pool to swim in.  Some real highlights this year were Tuscon (the condo owners we rented from gave us access to their country club pool - sweet!), the ASU student rec complex in Tempe, and the am-ah-zing Henderson rec center when Jason raced the Vegas 70.3 Championships.  That pool made the milk-run flight I took to get there worthwhile...

I also got to cross something on my life-long to-do list... the iconic Alcatraz swim!
Looking out towards Alcatraz Island from Aquatic Park.

I logged a lot of cycling hours, and explored some new roads that definitely made the all-time favourite list.  Tuscon was a cycling mecca for sure, and Kirsty took me on some great SoCal routes.  She knows I love the waterfront, but forced me away from the ocean and showed me some great stuff.

Many routes of San Diego's North County.
Thanks Kirsty for the variety - I loved it all!

Of course there was one ride... the Dudley's day... that I will be back to conquer.  110 degrees Fahrenheit, tired from travel, and making some dumb mistakes along the way led me to DNF this one (excuses excuses...).  I will be back again to make it someday!

Somewhere climbing to Julian...
next time I'll make it to the end!

I also got to run in some pretty cool places:

San Francisco, custom-made for hill repeats.
A couple of deserts, St. George UT and Las Vegas, NV.

Shelter Island (San Diego) - a fun nostalgic run for me
as I spent a lot of time there in 1991.

Some cool coastal runs in SoCal - Moonlight Beach at sunset,
San Eligo Lagoon in the early morning, and many more!

But in the end, there's always coming to the best place on Earth... how can Vancouver Island be beat for our roads and trails?  
There's no place like home!
What will 2013 bring?  I can hardly wait!

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  1. You are Vancouver Island's Dorothy....but instead of ruby slippers you have your KSwiss. I hope you have a red pair.