Introducing: Tiki!

Our lives changed in a big way this past weekend, as we brought a new puppy home.  A German short-haired pointer, just like Humu was.  Her name is Tiki.  She's a bundle of puppyness and cuddles, and (so far, knock on wood) is pretty calm.  For a GSP that is.  And she's adorable.  Lucky for her, as that makes up for the sleep we're losing to housetrain a pup.  Let the craziness begin!

And a video if you want to see a few seconds of her running in the yard with Jason:


  1. was wondering if you were sleep deprived yet:) she is adorable and is very lucky to be your dog. she's in for some great adventures in her life.

  2. Love Love Love. I have an older dog and I am relieved that you could do it again! Keep the pics coming��

  3. She looks so nice. Hope she gives you as much love and enjoyment as did Humu.

  4. Oh my- SO cute! The cuteness overload definitely makes up for the lack of sleep! Have fun playing and getting to know Tiki!
    P.S. This is the first time in forever I've been able to comment on your blog. Bizarre!
    Your Hawaii trip looked awesome!

    1. I wonder why you've been having trouble commenting... I'll look into it. Yes, Tiki is soooo cute but I'm definitely looking forward to a good night's sleep!