Signs of Spring

Here on the island we can ride outdoors year-round, but I am counting today as the first ride of the season.  It was full of all sorts of signs of spring.  The plan was an easy three-hour spin, and I pretty much didn't stop smiling the entire time as it was the perfect day for a ride.  I followed it up with a short run with Jason on some of my fave running trails, shopping for new puppy supplies (two weeks until the new pup!), a yummy healthy dinner, and some Netflix & couch time.  What could be a better way to spend a Saturday?

Here are some reasons I know it's officially spring:

- Cherry blossoms blowing all over the place, it kind of looks like it's snowing

Our back yard.  The cherry tree is bursting with blossoms!
- The non-stop sound of lawn mowing

- Flowers everywhere

- Cyclists riding in shorts (I was still wearing knickers although I didn't really need to be. And a fleece lined jersey, toe covers, and thick gloves.  Oops.)

Smiling! Despite being over dressed.
- Motorcycles and convertibles with the top down are the most common vehicles on the road

- Roadside stands
Something tells me an "artisanal bread" stand
would not be a good idea in the winter here.

- Green grass, before it turns brown for the summer

- Sailboats out on the ocean

The Cascade Mountains on the mainland
make a gorgeous backdrop.

Won't be long until summer's here!

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  1. Looking forward to riding with you in the weeks to come!