Solo Road Trip

I'm in Windsor, California, home of my favourite race: Vineman.  While I love the 70.3, this year I'm again doing the "Half Aquabike" - 2km swim, 90km bike, done. :)  It's such a great race, a beautiful area, and the event will be terrific prep for Ironman Louisville without getting beat up by a run.

I headed down by car, solo (as it turned out), and I love road trips, even by myself.  So far I've done some driving, singing, cycling, swimming, relaxing, reading, sleeping... a perfect summer vacation.

Step one is getting off this island - this trip
it's the Coho Ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles.
Essential road trip snacks.

Singing - also an essential road trip activity.

Bike is ready to race.  I had a bit of an issue with a clogged
valve extender (I race on latex tubes with sealant) when I arrived.
Jason had to talk me through the repair over the phone - I'm
not a fan of doing my own wrenching and usually depend on him for that.

Sometimes I feel like racing here is an elaborate plot to go to wine country...

I hit Johnson's Beach early this morning for a practice swim.
There weren't many people there yet.  The water is pretty warm, it's
not a non-wetsuit swim but if it was at home it would be (USAT has
higher temperature cutoffs than Triathlon Canada).  So I'll be
wearing my ROKA Maverick Pro for it's inaugural race!

Post-swim selfie.  My phone sucks at the front-facing camera
ever since I got a Lifeproof case.  Any one else have this issue?

One of my Betty Designs teammates, Nicole, is here doing
Barb's Race (a women's only 70.3 on the same course).  This
is her handiwork in T2.

My "T2" doesn't usually look like this - just a pair of flip flops.
Swim, bike, done!

And just to make the afternoon interesting, I got to spend some
time at a tire repair shop.

Tomorrow is the race, and I'll let you know how it went!

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  1. Hope the race went well! Sounds like a perfect tune up race without risk of injury from the run!
    The only big solo road trip I've done was from edmonton to whistler. I must admit i had fun singing as loud as I wanted!