Vancouver Day

Wednesday was my first "official" day of summer holidays (Well, I had to go into work today for a bit but was only there for about half an hour, so that doesn't count.  And emails continue to come in and I'm answering some of them, but again I'm not counting that as work either).  I had some errands to do in Vancouver, so decided to take the opportunity to swim at one of the world's best pools while I was over there.  

Step 1 - getting off the island.  Went as a foot passenger on the
ferry instead of bringing my car over, so it was a "planes trains and
automobiles" kind of day: car, ferry, bus, skytrain and walking.

Coincidence that one of my bus stops was right next to
a Whole Foods?  And just in time for lunch!

Kits Pool - 137.5 m so kind of like swimming
open water.  Also right on the beach! 

Looking across English Bay from Kitsilano Beach to downtown,
still very smoky from the fires.  Normally the north shore
mountains are visible.

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