Vineman Aquabike Race Report

I love this event.  It's long enough to make you have to work, but with no run to pound the sh*t out of me.  Just as last year, I finished 4th in my category (W45-49, except last year I was in W40-44).  Which kind of sucks as top 3 win wine.  But what doesn't suck is that I PR'd the swim and bike, was 12 minutes faster than last year, and would have won the 40-44 if I was still a spring chicken.  Man, these 45+ women are fast!

Betty's Pre-race: me, Nicole, and Pim
(who wasn't racing but was a great cheerleader!)

Highlights: the swim is so non-eventful there.  Women-only wave start in a narrow river, so sighting is easy (my sighting was flawless).  I swam 31:51 (almost 2 min faster than last year).  I owe it to my new wetsuit: a ROKA Maverick Pro.  This is the first wetsuit I've ever had that I don't feel any shoulder restriction.  It's awesome.

Heading out onto the bike course.
Thanks Pim for the photo!

Sean gave me a power goal: to ride 85% FTP for the race.  He knew it would be hard for me to push that hard for 90km.  I ended up riding 80%, so I know there's still room for improvement.  Some of the hills didn't feel as hard, although Chalk Hill I still know I can do better!  I rode 2:53 (10 min faster than last year).  Yeah, how could I not be stoked?!

So I didn't podium... now I have a goal for next year!

To finish off my road trip, it took me a long time to get home as I had training to do along the way.  No more racing now until Ironman, but it's time to really hit the mileage.

Pier Pool - a cute neighbourhood pool in Portland.


  1. speedy! congrats on the PR's!

  2. Huge congratulations on the PRs! That's awesome you were able to ride at 80% for 90k.

    1. Thanks! The goal was 85%, so I still have some work to do, but always happy to see improvements!