Right Back At It

Break is over, I'm right back at it. Today was a four hour training day, which almost equals my last week! Went for a three hour ride this morning, and the biggest change was the bike I rode. Jason has offered me his Specialized Transition for the rest of the year since he's moving on to off-road events only for the next few months. Today was my first substantial ride on the Transition. It has a more aggressive and lower position than when I ride clip-on aerobars on my road bike, so it will take some getting used to.

I felt pretty tired after riding for three hours, something I haven't felt for a while. Shows that even though I enjoyed these last couple of weeks, I've lost some fitness and need to do some work to get it back. I know it will come back quickly though. I also didn't have enough to eat before my ride, only some yogurt, and didn't eat anything during the ride. I was hungry when I got home!

After riding, Jason and I headed to the lake for a swim. Today is a holiday here, which means the pool is closed so no master's workout tonight. I pulled my wetsuit on, but regretted it about five minutes into the swim as I was starting to cook. The water is so warm right now, as we've had a really nice July and it hasn't rained at all in over a month. Pretty rare for coastal BC. Had there been a race in the lake today, it definitely would not have had a wetsuit-legal swim. Jason was swimming in his speed suit, so he was fine.

I figured I wouldn't swim well after a tiring ride, but I was surprised by how smooth my stroke was. I followed Jason's feet pretty much the whole way around the lake. The beach was packed, and it was like running the gauntlet between inner tubes, air mattresses, and rowboats out in the middle of the lake.

Right back at it is an understatement; upon closer examination of my training schedule, I have 14 hours of training this week (PLUS a sprint race on Sunday). How'd Kiki sneak that past me?

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