The Weather

You have got to be kidding me. This is the forecast for the next few days:

This is the last week before I go back to work, the last week I can train whatever time of day I want, the last week for my skin to remember what mid-day sun is like before I get to Tempe...

I guess my new plan is to "practice" fall training. It's not actually fall yet according to the calendar, so I get to pretend it is next week. Practice wearing a rain jacket, arm warmers, knee warmers, all that stuff I kind of forgot existed. Next weekend we're in Whistler, so hopefully the sun will reappear for those few days.

There's one thing in life you truly can't do anything about, and that's weather. I may as well enjoy it!


  1. I have lots of brand new never used rain gear if you need some;) From my recent experience, if you are prepared for the worst, the best happens. This is why I refused to give up my rain jacket at Leadville to my wonderful crew even though the skies were clear and it was mid 70's! - but I'm not superstitious at all!

  2. as michelle says- put yer big girl panties on!!!