T-12 Weeks and Counting...

It's T-12 weeks to Ironman Arizona. (Insert NASA-styled countdown here.) I remember when it was 12 months to go. I suppose I'll be saying the same thing when there's only 12 days left.

Perhaps in addition to my idea for Ironman-brand laundry soap,
the World Triathlon Corp. should license an hourglass you
get upon registering for an Ironman. Just to haunt (or taunt)
you for an entire year.

So, yes, 12 weeks. Gulp. The training now begins in earnest, where a 4-hour ride will seem short. Big gulp. 20+ hour training weeks will start piling up. Super big gulp. And I have to go back to work next week. Double gulp!

I remember a conversation I had with my friend Laura back at my birthday party in May. We were talking about training, and about how much time I still had to get ready. We also laughed about how at some moment, some moment not too far in the future, I wouldn't be able to talk about how much time I still have. Well, that time is now. Not that I'm under the wire, behind schedule, or anything like that... no, it's just time to focus.

Focus. Not my best quality. I'm not scattered, instead I just always seem to have a lot going on. A lot on my mind, and always looking ahead to what's next. For the next three months I'm really going to try to not look past Ironman to the next-and-latest thing, but to really give it the attention it deserves. Let's see if I can concentrate on only one thing for once. Super-super big gulp!

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