12 Things You Didn't Know About Me

(in no particular order)

My biggest regret as a child was that I didn’t buy a Wonder Woman costume set with my allowance while on a family vacation to Orlando. I don’t really have any regrets as an adult. I recognize that there has been missed opportunities and choices made, both which have led down a particular path, but no real “regrets” as I have a pretty damn awesome life. Which I guess makes my biggest regret in life that I didn’t get that Wonder Woman set. What does that say about me?

I am a picky eater. Everyone knows that about me. But what you may not know is that I don’t like my food to touch. Jason bought me this really cool plate that has a bunch of dividers, so now I can eat without fear of one food touching another.

My desire to be a marine biologist came out of being a huge fan of the Jaws movies as a kid. Of course the original one was ground-breaking, but my favourite was Jaws 2. I even liked Jaws 3 (3D – back in the day when 3D effects were totally lame), but Jaws:The Revenge totally sucked.

I tend towards impatience. OK, you probably knew that about me.

I have swam in the Panama Canal. Not the whole length of it or anything like that, merely a leisurely swim for the novelty of it all. No one told me at the time though that it was populated with alligators. But no bites to report.

I haven’t eaten meat for somewhere close to 20 years (I’m not sure of the exact date I stopped). I don’t say I’m a “vegetarian” as I do eat green-listed seafood on occasion.

I survived a hurricane in 1988. Hurricane Gilbert to be exact, which up until 2005 was the most intense hurricane ever to hit the Atlantic. I was only 18, and my friend Shannon and I had just traveled to the Cayman Islands to spend a year there after graduating high school. I think I spent my third night there (or something like that) in a hurricane shelter. Great way to get to know the neighbours!

I played waterpolo in high school. I played for my high school team and for the Saskatchewan (where I grew up) provincial ‘B’ team. It was there I learned how relative life is. I was a pretty good player on my high school team, but relative to the other girls on the provincial team, I wasn’t.

If I could have plastic surgery, I’d get a nose job. Perhaps I’ll do that someday.

I like writing haikus. Them seem so peaceful and make me feel close to nature. They have such an ethereal characteristic that I like so much.

When I was a kid, I played a lot of Ms. Pac Man. I remember when my Dad brought home the original Pong game for our console tv. I remember the games for our Vic-20, then the Commodore-64, then the Atari. But my favourite was always to go down to the local arcade and play Ms. Pac Man. I still play it, but not as much as I used to.

I wish I was a potter. I would love to make bowls and stuff out of clay, sculpting the earth with my hands. Then I could paint them with some cool glazes. I have a vision of a little potting shed out in the back yard.

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  1. Halloween 2007, Wonder Woman! never too late to fullfill the dream. I'm sure Jason won't mind if you wear the costume around the house! I can totally see you with a kiln and pottery wheel, go for it! - oh and by the way, I had no idea about the picky eater thing- how on earth did that slip by me??