Jason put an idea in my head the other day, and funny how ideas grow and take hold. It began as an innocent conversation in the hot tub, when I confirmed to him that I did indeed want to do Ironman Arizona again next year (nothing like planning in advance, I know...).

His reply? "Good idea, but why not think of IM Florida? You've done Canada and Arizona, so you could add a third course. We like it in Florida." And left it at that.

I dismissed the idea out of hand - Florida is far away and Arizona is so easy to get to from here. But the idea starting simmering, bubbling below the surface of my mind until I found myself checking the IMFL website. Later I looked at Alaska Airline's route map. The idea is starting to percolate. Spreading, slowly, gradually...


  1. cozumel?? 2012?
    or what about NZ?

  2. Hmm. I was going to talk to you about this, because I figure you should join me on the start line in 2012, be it AZ or FL.

    Cozumel - two drawbacks for me personally: 1) pain in the ass to get to; 2) I can't stay for a tropical vacation because of work. If I could, the pain in the ass to get to would definitely be worth it.

    NZ - also two drawbacks: 1) long rides through the winter? Yuck! I don't think I could do 6+ hours on the bike here in Jan/Feb. You are a special kind of hard-core gal; 2) so far away.

    Because I teach, I can't take vacation during the year - an extra-long weekend is one thing, but these exotic races really aren't on my list as I just can't get the time off to justify going to those places. Even Florida is pushing it a bit, but do-able. Apparently teachers get a lot of time off as it is :), so we really can't take vacation in the middle of the school year. I suppose under special circumstances I could, but it would have to be without pay, and taking a couple weeks off and not getting paid sure ups the cost of a race by several grand! IM is already expensive enough!

  3. would be willing to train- i am tired of being out of shape hockey mom. (lol) but depending on when races are- might not be able to do it.
    florida would be great if family could go then off to DW but the kids wouldnt be old enough next year for that kind of trip (for the rides! rides! rides!)
    thinking about it.
    NZ would be good b/c time of year for jeff with hockey commitments. could possibly make fam trip of it.
    lets keep talking.
    one point is the $$ of im. ouch.
    plus i still dont have a bike. overthought.