Tacos and Wine

My friend Tim (and his black lab Piper) came over for dinner last night. We have a tradition for dinner with Tim - fish tacos and wine. He has a source for the most incredibly fresh halibut and he and Jason are true fish taco enthusiasts (regular old bean tacos for me). We each try to find a wine that has some special significance as well, and last night's selections did not disappoint.

Tim brought a bottle of 2004 Burrowing Owl cabernet sauvignon that he had tucked away for several years. He had bought it with me in mind, waiting for a good reason to bring it out. Yay me for finishing Ironman Arizona to give him a good enough reason to open this one! You see, I love Burrowing Owl (probably Canada's best vineyard, and definitely has an international cult following), but I hardly ever buy any as their prices are a bit steep. I think I'll make this a tradition - I'll do an ironman and Tim can buy me a bottle of Burrowing Owl.

Jason preparing the tacos.

Our second bottle didn't quite rank up there on the deliciousness scale, but it took top spot for significance. We opened the bottle of La Crema chardonnay Jason received for winning his age group at Vineman 70.3 this year. We had to drink this one together since we all raced, then wine-toured the Sonoma region the next day.

We topped off the night with a dessert true to my prairie roots, which I knew Tim would appreciate since he also hailed from the Canadian grasslands. Saskatoon berry pie. Yum. We finished the wine and the pie while planning our next adventures.

Pie made with wild saskatoon berries. Delish!

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