Snow Day

Wednesday morning we woke up at 5 and peered out the window. We don't normally wake up that early, but when we went to sleep on Tuesday night, snow was falling with a serious vengeance. When we opened the curtains at that early hour, we saw our entire neighbourhood covered under a thick white comforter, a comforter about 30cm thick! Keep in mind that although we're in Canada, this is the part of Canada where a thin little skiff of snow on the ground makes headlines.

Our view Wednesday morning.

I smiled, went back to bed, and waited for the phone call. You see, when the phone rings at 5:30 on a morning such as this, it means one thing. Snow day! Because snow is rare here, I'm pretty sure my town only has one snow plow. And when the roads aren't plowed, the streets aren't safe for kids to go to school. Sometimes the school year goes by without a snow day, but when Arctic air from the north is forecasted to meet moist air from the south, we all cross our fingers. And on Tuesday night, the approaching fronts delivered.

Jason was out of bed to shovel before it was light, as rain was on its way. Heavy, wet snow sucks to shovel so he wanted to get it done while it was still cold. Plus, he wanted to do an early morning snowshoe with the dog, on trails we usually mountain bike on. I stayed in bed. Warm, cozy, sweet bed.

Humu enjoying the snowshoe.

The warm, moist air was winning the war as the snow was melting fast. But the Arctic air won the battle as victory is measured by closing schools for the day. That was all the snow I needed, and I hoped for rain to return to wash it away quickly, so I could get back to running and riding unimpeded. It wouldn't take long to get that wish, as by the next day, our mild, wet weather had returned and the snow was making a hasty retreat.

Wednesday noon and melting fast.

By Friday afternoon, things were almost back to normal.

See you again snow, and thanks for the bonus day!

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  1. Love that pic of Humu, she looks so happy! Also, I like your new heading!