Deposits and Withdrawals

I feel like I make a lot of deposits. Not into a bank account mind you, but into myself. You see, training is a deposit - hard work becomes a deposit of fitness into a body. But (much like my bank account) I am sometimes surprised as to how little is actually in there, despite all the deposits I've made.

After the last couple of months only doing what I would call recreational activity (swimming 1x week, running 2-3x week, cycling 1-2x week, weights 3x week, yoga 1x week...), it seems that my fitness account is pretty depleted. It had a huge balance back in November. Granted, I made quite a sizeable withdrawal on the 21st of that month, but I guess service charges and other hidden fees have slowly been chipping away at the amount of fitness I had remaining.

The fact that my balance is pretty low became evident on a mountain bike ride this past weekend. It seemed like it took more effort to get to the top of the mountain than I was expecting. But at least that effort becomes another deposit for the future. I'm hoping now to maintain the level I'm at right now, until the spring when daylight savings and warmer days bring more substantial training again.

Funny thing is though, over the holidays I made lots of a different kind of deposit: cookies, treats and drinks. And those are definitely still there; that kind of deposit doesn't disappear from the body over time, but seems to accrue compounding interest.

A huge deposit in the fitness account to make it up the hill,
and a large withdrawal from the fun account for the way down!

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  1. my question is, in sharkie accounting how hard was the ride??? your fitness will come back quickly.