We are in the throws of deep winter here. However, despite all the forecasters proclaiming it will be one of the worst ever, with snow, cold, freezing temperatures, etc... it really hasn't been all that bad. We did have a couple of days of snow, and we had a stretch of about a week where it dipped below freezing overnight, but overall, a pretty typical winter. Grey, cool, and rainy. I haven't even had to break out my thick Pearl Izumi winter riding gloves at all, and I've only worn my insulated riding jacket once.

But - that bring me to the topic of this post. Even though our winter has been fairly mild (perhaps not as mild as last year, with people walking around the "Winter" Olympics in shorts), I am already tired of it. I'm tired of suiting up every time I go for a ride. Long-sleeve base layer, rain jacket, tights, booties, thermal socks (I like my feet to be toasty), clear lenses instead of tinted ones. Oh, the hardships I face, I know. I just can't wait to pull shorts and a jersey on to go for my ride. Southern California in March can't come soon enough, and then by the time we get home, spring will be making an appearance and at least I'll be down to knee warmers.

Jason says I always go wiggy around this time of year, and start looking at job postings in Hawaii and California. He claims winter's going fast, and I really only have to survive another month. I did live for a year in the Cayman Islands once, and really missed the change of seasons. And considering much of the continent is under a serious deep-freeze, I can't really complain that I had to put on booties instead of toe warmers for this morning's ride. He reminded me that I ran in short sleeves yesterday (but I did wear gloves, I also like my hands to be toasty). Come on summer, I miss you!

Humu enjoying a run in our typical winter wonderland.

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