Running in the Rain

The plan for today was pretty simple. I had to go for a run, had a few hours of work to prepare for some meetings this week, and had to pack (I'm working for a few days in Vancouver starting Tuesday). It was pretty cold in the morning, so I thought I'd work first, and give it a chance to warm up before my run.

By mid-afternoon, I was ready to head out but not exactly willing. A torrential downpour, mixed with sleet, was waiting for me. Ugh. However, running on a treadmill at the gym or water jogging just doesn't excite me, so I knew I'd have to suck it up outside. I procrastinated for as long as I could. It's not like running in the rain really bothers me, I mean come on - I live on Vancouver Island so rain is a way of life here in the winter. But this rain was different; it was part solid and all cold.

I figured I'd run down through the estuary, hoping that by the ocean temperatures would be a bit milder. Trails would be way too muddy today. I asked Jason he'd pick me up so I could do a point-to-point run, and headed out the door. I turned my iPod up a bit louder than normal to distract me and started down the road.

Just keep running, just keep running...

It didn't seem to take me long to get to our pre-arranged pick up point, in fact I was running well. I knew as I was going along that I was running faster than usual, especially since I was on the edge of getting a side stitch the entire time. I ended up with a PR for that route. Funny how it only takes a simple distraction, like horrible weather, to take the act of running off my mind and stay in the moment.

Done - and it wasn't so bad after all!

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