One Year Ago

Last night, Jason and I were reminiscing about exactly a year ago. The Vancouver/Whistler Winter Olympics. We were fans from the start; in fact, I remember the day the announcement that Vancouver was chosen as the host city. We were driving down SW Marine towards UBC, and honked in excitement when we heard the announcement live on the radio. Since that day, we were looking forward to the Olympics, but never in our wildest imaginations would have predicted just how awesome those two weeks were.

Fast forward several years, to February 2010. Opening Ceremonies. Could we really pull off such an auspicious event? We watched, flipping back and forth between Canadian and US coverage. What a show - the emotion, the artistry, the beauty... a triumph (despite an unfortunate technical glitch with the lighting of the flame)! Jason asked me the other day what I wanted to watch during a trainer ride - I asked for the opening ceremonies. Too bad we don't have a DVD of it - I'm on the hunt for that.

Not only was the televised coverage of the games our fun spare time activity for two entire weeks, we had tickets to a couple of biathlon races in Whistler. That weekend in Whistler felt like we'd jetted off to the Alps - the crowds, the languages, the feel... didn't seem like familiar-ole-local-Whistler! We took in as many sights and sounds as we could.

This past weekend, CTV showed a highlights show from the games a year ago. Memories came flooding back, and we got out the pics of our time their last year. I thought I'd share some of them with you, in case you're jonesing for reminders of a couple of the best weeks in Canadian history...

Whistler transformed into a village in the Alps.

Picking up our biathlon tickets.

Perfect bluebird day!

We watched two races from right in front of the stadium.

Gold medalist from Germany finishing the women's race.

Me hanging with the mascots.

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