New Julius

Dear Tana,

Today my masters came home after being away for a long time, maybe a year. They said it was only nine days but I'm not good at telling time. I was so excited to see them, but then they opened a box and out came a new Julius friend for me. I knew right away that it was from you, because it smelled like you and had some of those long crinkly hairs. It looks like you're using a crimping iron again; you are always so fashionable. I took New Julius upstairs right away and showed him around. He is definitely a keeper and will fit right in here. Hopefully he won't get injured like my old ones.

I hear I may see you again in June. I don't really know what June is, but my master says it will be summer and you will be in Whistler. We love Whistler and try to go there lots, the smells are all so different from here and I have to be careful of the bears. I will see you then, and thanks again for my new best friend.

Love, Humu
Woof woof!


  1. What a cutie!! Love the picture and great blog! Nice to meet you via blogland!