Ride of Firsts

Today was a beautiful day for a ride in southern California. Slightly overcast, not too hot, not too cool. Great company. Nice route. Some important firsts: First time I'd ridden with Heidi and Matt. First time I've ridden over 100 km in March. First ride for Kirsty's new TT bike. And the best first - Tim's first real ride on his first real road bike.

I'm not completely sure where we rode, but it did include the Elfin Forest (not exactly what I expected - not a single elf in sight), Escondido, Desmond Dene, a bike path, the coast from Oceanside to Encinitas. Rather than tell you, let me show you:

Rides like today are the reason I love my bike.


  1. Great seeing you guys, bonus to get to ride with you too!

  2. Just catching up on the YofA. Hilarious! But I still hate you for being in the sun when the weather here sucks ass.