Now I Know My ABC's...

I've seen this on more than a dozen blogs lately, so I must have missed the memo. I'm catching up now; here is my version of the blogger ABCs:

A - Age: 40.

B - Bed size: King. We call it the Super Bed.

C - Chore I dislike: Cleaning bathrooms. Yay, for my housekeeper! And mowing the lawn. Yay, for Jason!

D - Dogs: Humu, a 9.5 year old German short-haired pointer, the subject of many of my posts.

E - Essential start to my day: Watching the news.

F - Favourite colour: Blue. And sometimes green. But usually blue.

G - Gold or silver: Neither. Platinum.

H - Height: 5'9"

I - Instruments I play: I played the piano as a kid and can still bang out a few xmas carols and my personal favourite, Downtown. I attempted the saxophone in my elementary school band. I can play the kazoo (uh, who can't?). I've played a few chords on the guitar now and then. My goal is to learn the ukelele.

J - Job Title: Science Department Head.

K - Kids: nooooooo

L - Live: Duncan, on Vancouver Island, on the lovely and lush west (wet) coast.

M - Mom's name: Kathleen

N - Nicknames: Keps, Alligator, Boo, Malice-on (when I'm bad)

O - Overnight hospital stays: most recently - 2 years ago when I shattered my elbow. They rebuilt it - better, stronger, faster... actually it's weaker but I'm still working on that. Before that - appendectomy in the early 90's, and before that - tonsillectomy in the mid-70's.

P - Pet peeves: Wow - I have many. My biggest one(s) probably is people who are inconsiderate or those who are small minded.

Q - Quote from a movie: "All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I'm fine" - Jeff Spicoli, Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

R - Right or left-handed?: Right.

S - Siblings: One, younger sister.

T - Time I wake up: During the week 6:30 am, weekends 7:30. If left to my own devices, I'd wake up at 8 am, I'm not a morning person and wish I didn't have to be at work before 8!

U - Underwear: Why don't they make Underoos for adults?

V - Vegetable I don't like: Beets.

W - What makes me run late: Virtually nothing. My friend Wendy once told me she feared something had gone horribly wrong if I'm not 5 minutes early.

X - X-rays: Elbow, knee, teeth, some others when I was younger I think.

Y - Yummy food I make: Vegan carrot soup.

Z - Zoo animal faves: This is a tough one for me, as there are only a few zoos which I believe do a good job balancing the needs of animals with the need for education of the public. Note "education", not "entertainment". But if I had to pick: penguins. Although I have also seen them in the wild, where they are just as cute and funny.

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