Faking it

I have been faking something for the past month. I have been pretending I'm a runner. I signed up for a running clinic, have been faithfully attending each week, and doing my homework (which consists of other runs during the week). So I have been pretending I'm a runner, when in reality I'm just someone who happens to run.

We have all been organized into groups at the clinic, and I have made it my goal to be at the front of my group for each run. That wasn't all that hard until this week, where it took everything I had to stay at the front. This is where pretending to be a runner may be catching up with me.

You see, everyone else there is a runner. That's their sport. So I have been going with the flow, pretending it's mine too, and not 'fessing up to anything else. I have not mentioned that I'm on week 13 of P90X (which will thankfully be over in a few days), that I have also been swimming (albeit more infrequently than I would like), cycling, doing yoga... I'm keeping that all a secret so I can be a runner with everyone else.

When I got home after Monday's run, after working my butt off to stay at the front, after feeling like I was sprinting the whole time, and after it seemed like no one else was working as hard as I was, I started thinking. That's when I realized that my double life may have some cracks in it. Of course, no one knows that my goal is to stay at the front of the group, so if I drop back a bit, will it matter? Just to me. But here's the problem - my secret activities are catching up with me, and the others are improving faster than I am (hopefully they all don't have secret lives affecting them as well, because that may mean I just suck).

I don't want to be one of those people who complain during my runs about how tired my legs are because of cranking out a tough trainer session on the bike, or wobbly legs after P90X legs, or blah blah blah. So I'll keep pretending I'm a runner, and hoping I can pull it off for the next two months. And after the 10k race, I can go back to just being me.

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