Hawaii 5-0

In a mere five days we will be in Hawaii! Jason will be doing his 7th Ironman in Kona, 20th Ironman in total, 20 years after his first. How cool is that? I will be tagging along, getting to experience all the fun race-related stuff without actually having to do any hard work like the race itself.

My to-do list is pretty intimidating for this week. But I'm getting on the plane Saturday morning whether it's all done or not. Plus there's also the all-important holiday to-do list: snorkeling, SUPing, relaxing by the pool... did I miss anything? Oh yeah, cheer on athletes at a little race called the Ironman World Championships.

Aloha time here I come!

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  1. Um Hell yah, you missed swimming and running sessions with your coach!!! Can't wait, laid out all my swim suits tonight:)