Xmas in September

It's always exciting to get a parcel pick-up tag in the mail. Even more exciting to pick up a huge box from the post office that you know has a bike inside! We decided that we needed another time trial bike. Last year I used Jason's since he wasn't racing, but went back to my road bike with clip-on aerobars this year. I love my road bike but it is nowhere near as fast as a dedicated TT bike. Next year I want to do an Ironman again, and Jason wants to race again, so that was it - another bike for the stable.

The biggest decision was what to get, and we tossed a few ideas around. In the end, we both love the Specialized Transition - smoking fast and fits us both really well. Why go with an unknown when there's a perfect bike you know? So today Jason's 2011 version of the frame arrived, and after Kona I will be inheriting his 2009. I feel like a kid at xmas, I'm so excited! Even though it probably won't see the light of day until spring now, but I feel we'll spend lots of trainer time together over the winter.

Yay - new bike - fresh out of the box!


  1. I cannot think of anything more sexy than a brand new bike.

  2. forget about how fast the bike looks, Jason looks smoking lean and fast right now!! Holy crap,definately a formula one!!!