One-oh-one (part three)

Part One

42. 80's movies.
43. The way hair looks just after leaving a salon - rock star!
44. Book clubs.
45. Falling asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow (a rare event).
46. Snow days.
47. Goofing around with friends.
48. Curling up with a good book.
49. Road trips!
50. Homemade vegan carrot soup. I have a super-yummy recipe - let me know if you want it.
51. Xmas lights.
52. Walking through the entrance gates at Disneyland.
53. Running into crashing waves.
54. Seeing the lightbulb go on in someone's head when they've figured something out.
55. Sparkles.
56. Getting a card or actual letter in the mail.
57. The cool blue colour of a tropical beach.
58. Bluebird days.
59. The smell of freshly-cut cedar.
60. The sound of waves hitting the shore.
61. Listening to crickets in the evening.
62. Jeopardy tryouts (even though I didn't make it... there's always next time!).
63. Traveling.
64. Coming home after traveling.
65. Clean bathrooms.
66. Pottery shows.
67. Evenings spent entirely outside - cycling, running, any kind of activity.
68. Mini donuts from the fair.
69. Cleaning out closets and cupboards for Goodwill donations.
70. Pedicures.
71. Re-reading Far Side and Calvin & Hobbes books for the millionth time.
72. Raindrops running down the car windshield.
73. Fresh homemade cookies.
74. Remembering to water my plants.

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