A Week Off Training

A week off training means a lot less laundry. More time to do things around the house. Time to get started on some new projects. Means more time to finish projects which have sat idle for awhile.

A week off training means more time to enjoy the fabulous heat wave. It means not having to rush home from work. More time to sit out on the deck in the afternoon.

A week off training means catching up on reading. Finally finishing those books and magazines which have been piling up on the coffee table.

A week off training means getting more sleep. No early morning to fit a workout in before work. No late evenings because you were on the bike until the sun went down.

A week off training means lots of time to think about events for next year. Sitting at the computer looking up races and planning next season. Time to get training again!

1 comment:

  1. a week off? I don't know if I'd even have laundry to do!